A PURL is a Personalized web-site that is customized to the specific person visiting the site. It is most commonly used with Direct Mail Campaigns to increase interest and response rates.

A well designed PURL gives businesses the ability to track individual activity and then further personalize contact and content to grow your business through targeted and efficient communications. This level of personalization and response tracking will help you better understand your customer and measure the true value of your marketing spending.

By taking advantage of Campaign Management and PURL services with Page Technology Group you are able to link your print and email campaigns to customized PURLs and track the activity. By combining these media types your business can take advantage of the power and reliability of commercial print, the rapid delivery of email and the immediacy of instant internet-based response tracking.

From start to finish, PTG can help you in all aspects of your campaigns. So, you are not only capturing invaluable information about your customers, but you are gaining a partner who can help you grow and improve your campaigns in the future.