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Sell storefronts tomorrow with My Storefront Partner

The up-front cost of offering a web-to-print portal can appear to be insurmountable. Not only are there hefty software costs, but you may need to add programming staff and purchase additional expensive hardware to run the program effectively and efficiently. This investment can easily sky-rocket to six figures in no time at all. Instead of taking this risk on your own, it may help to find an experienced partner with the software, hardware, industry, and programming knowledge to help launch your web-to-print offering.

My Storefront Partner from Page Technology Group (PTG) empowers your sales staff to sell web-to-print storefronts while minimizing your investment and risk. For a minimal set-up fee, PTG provides you with an easily configurable storefront that your sales team can use as a sale tool. That's it. There are no other charges until you make a sale or need changes to your storefront!

Partner with PTG, and begin selling storefronts tomorrow.

My Storefront Partner includes:

  • Access to the award-winning, powerful Pageflex Storefront software
  • Ready to use Storefront, configured with your logo and colors
  • Pre-installed collection of common templates perfect for sales demos
  • Access for all of your sales staff
  • No hosting charges for six months or until your first sale
  • Access to a seasoned Pageflex development team

Once you make your first sale, hosting packages start as  low as $299 per month.

That simple, that easy, that powerful.

Begin selling storefronts tomorrow, partner with
  Page Technology Group.