FinancialPageFunds LMS

PageFunds is a full-service, complete life cycle, loan management system that empowers your staff to manage all aspects of the lending process, driving down servicing costs and focusing marketing dollars where they do the most good, while providing senior management transparency and valuable insight into the lending operation.

Costs are reduced with reporting that shows what marketing delivers…and what does not. Efficiencies are created by consolidating all information, and tasks, within one management system.

Performance is increased with reporting that shows who your "rock star" employees are, and where additional training may be needed - in customer service, credit, or collections.

Feature Set:

Employee Productivity

  • Time clock function, including break tracking
  • Performance reports by employee - rates for approval, fax-in, defaults/NSF, collections, call-time


  • Lists function - generate mail, email, and phone lists automatically, using criteria you specify
  • Supports drip marketing
  • Total loan life cycle profitability, by marketing source - for each lead source, shows profitability over time, factoring in lead costs, 3rd party data providers, servicing, and loss rates.
  • Control panel for marketing department (not IT!) that allows rationing and capping of lead sources, as well as filtering
  • Lead disposition reporting, by marketer, for source tuning

Customer Service

  • Communications templates - one click emailing for all steps in customer cycle
  • Customers can manage their own loans and data through web interface
  • Loan management by queues
  • Call center and phone system integration


  • Electronic Payment Processing


  • Manage and track multiple collections statuses
  • Auto-generate daily call lists, by rep
  • Promise-to-pay tracking
  • Support for multiple payment methods, and reporting on each
    • ACH
    • Checks
    • MoneyGram
    • Credit cards


  • Total loan life cycle profitability - at the individual loan level, shows profitability over time, factoring in marketing, servicing, and loss rates
  • Portfolio size and composition, current and historical
  • Daily lending activity - new loans vs. repeats, current status breakdowns
  • Analyze loan performance by email domain, state, pay frequency, job length, time of day, month

Other Features

  • Ability to manage multiple brands, portfolios, and products from within one application.
  • Integrates with 3rd party data providers, including DataX, Teletrack, CL Verify, and CheckScan
  • Email and text alerts of process completions and exceptions