DevelopmentDesign / Development

Most of the solutions we deliver are interactive, data-driven, web-based applications/websites. The development of our solutions comes in six phases:

Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, and Support

Analysis includes getting to know your company's history, goals, values, inventory, etc. This phase also includes learning how your current systems operate. Then, we can determine what capabilities you want your new system(s) to contain. Afterwards, we propose a solution we believe will be the best fit for all your needs and requirements. With your consent, we move on to designing the system. Following your approval of the new design, we develop your new system. After the system is developed, we test all parts of it using test data provided by you. After the development and testing phases of the new system(s) is complete, we allow you to go through and use the system(s) yourself. Once we make any changes you would like and you are completely satisfied with your product(s), we implement them. Once your product(s) are implemented, you may contact us with any changes and support questions you may have.