The first path, taken by Richard Spencer, began in 1997 at a medium-sized commercial printer in Chicago, where he created, from the ground up, a comprehensive and thriving web-to-print practice, in the early days of the concept. He created some of the earliest deployed examples of web-to-print, driving localized, targeted marketing messages for Fortune 500 companies, including Grainger and Sears. Some deployments were built from the ground up, others used Pageflex or other web-to-print solutions as infrastructures.

Business and Process Management Software

The second path, taken by Albert Brooks and James Jacobson, began in 2000, when they first worked together at the same printer in Chicago that had big aspirations. There, Albert was responsible for creating an internet services group, and James a direct mail service division. Together, with Richard, they also helped deploy the USPS NetPost Mailing Online direct mail service.

James and Albert later went off on their own, and started a new lending company. Witnessing the various inefficiencies plaguing off the shelf software solutions, they added Richard Spencer and Mike Johnson to the team to create a SaaS loan management platform that integrated a front-end solution for sourcing and tracking marketing, lead screening by 3rd party sources, tracking of application progress and marketing performance reporting. Today, they look forward to using their diverse background in marketing, printing, and finance to help other firms maximize their return on investment utilizing the wide range of products and services offered through Page Technology Group.

Hosting and Software Development

The third and final path was taken by Michael Johnson, who created the eponymous Page Technology in 2002. Mike combined his business development, software & networking expertise, and project management skill sets to deliver market-driven solutions that are delivered on-time, and under budget for companies large and small in the financial and print industries.


In 2008, these paths converged and quickly complemented each other in the transformation of Page Technology into Page Technology Group, a full service software development practice that delivers enterprise-level solutions for the industries in which it specializes - printing, marketing, and financial services.

Our select base of clients include a number of companies, large and small, publicly traded and privately held, local, national and internationally located. Most new customers of PTG come to us through referrals, the highest compliment we can receive.

All our principals are seasoned professionals, well-versed in their craft and industries, and committed to creating comprehensive solutions that use existing technologies where possible for their cost-effectiveness, but adding the necessary customization that allows our customers to claim and dominate their differentiated space in the marketplace. We maintain a mix of full-time employees (for stability, and customer focus) as well as contractors (for flexibility, specialization, and scalability), in all United States time zones, including Hawaii. We are big enough to have an impact, and solve your e-commerce and web-to-print challenges, but not so large that we lose focus on our most valued partner - you.