Meet the Team

Richard Spencer

Richard's entire career in the print industry has been an impassioned quest to expand the abilities of printers by embracing and infusing internet technologies. His depth of technical knowledge and always creative approach to problem solving consistently delivers a "We can do that" perspective to every challenging opportunity.

Richard began his career in Chicago in 1997 where he provided the essential technical knowledge needed in the creation of a new Internet Services Department. His depth of knowledge was critical in the acquisition of every internet customer, including top-tier and Fortune 500 customers like First Premier Bank, Grainger, and Sears. These experiences fueled his passion to constantly expand the limits of what was thought possible in the industry.

By 2005, Richard's role expanded beyond the web to encompass all of the technical challenges of the print company, including and especially, web-to-print. As the CTO, he implemented automated systems to deliver variable web-to-print services to 100% of its customers. This included development of "lights-out" processing of mail for the USPS in conjunction with Click2Mail. By this time, the tools that Richard and his team of programmers had created were producing and mailing over one million pieces of mail each month. At this point, Richard realized that building custom solutions was only half the battle.

So, in 2005, Richard transitioned the company to Pageflex. Using the power and expandability of Pageflex, Richard acquired several large customers including Verizon, Pop Warner, Don Russ, and The Newport Group. By 2006, Richard's team, using a Pageflex foundation, expanded its storefronts to integrate every facet of production from automated printing of pick-tickets in the Warehouse to automated production of multi-page financial statements with reporting and job tracking.

Today, Richard shares his experience with the print industry through Page Technology by offering Pageflex hosting and custom development to printers with a cost-effective and results-oriented solution.

James Jacobson

After graduate school, James Jacobson began his career in direct mail marketing with Dakota Gold Marketing in Sioux Falls.  Working closely with the company's owners, James quickly established a strong reputation for excellence in project design, planning and implementation. He later bought out the company and quickly expanded the client base and operations, raising output from less than 100,000 pieces of marketing mail per month to over 4 million, becoming the third largest mailer in South Dakota after the Citibank and Target credit card operations.

After selling his portion of the business to his partner, James became state co-finance director for then-Congressman Tim Johnson's successful Senate campaign. After the election, he became Senator Johnson's staff assistant for economic development issues in South Dakota.

Returning to the private sector, James moved to Chicago to head the direct mail division of RGC Communications. He helped expand and diversify the marketing client base for this printing firm, overseeing the implementation of several large ongoing projects that required new pieces of equipment and technology.

Returning to his hometown of Sioux Falls, James became the director of new business development for PREMIER Bankcard, one of the country's largest privately owned credit card companies. Upon joining PREMIER, James undertook a comprehensive review of current direct mail marketing efforts, and through changes in process, achieved an annual reduction in mail cost of over $1 million, while increasing response rates.

Later, James began his first of many companies in the financial services sector.  The initial companies focused on personal lending, and later firms expanded to marketing, non-profit fundraising and technology services.

Today, James looks forward to using his diverse background in marketing, printing, and finance to help other firms maximize their return on investment utilizing the wide range of products and services offered through Page Technology Group.

Albert Brooks

Albert Brooks' career thus far has given him a great overview of the whole of the offset and digital printing industry, including its inevitable migration to, and adoption of, web-enabled technologies. During the past seven years, he has worked with James on their own businesses in the financial, e-commerce, and printing verticals.

In 1999, while with a mid-sized commercial and digital printer in the Chicago area, Albert Brooks created the company's first ever Internet Services division that brought the power of web-to-print to its customers, and its sales force. This new capability, along with Albert's role on the sales team, was instrumental in the company acquiring its first major web-to-print clients, including the MRO company Grainger, and the advertising agency Archer/Malmo and its client, Valent USA. Soon other print companies, smart enough to see the possibilities, but without the resources Albert Brooks and his team had, attempted to follow. Albert Brooks' first outside hire for this team was the cross-discipline expert Richard Spencer (see above).

While there, Albert was also on the print and e-commerce project teams for Motorola, First Premier Bank, and the initial roll-out of the Postal Service's Mailing Online product, NetPost, as well as many others.

Prior to this, Albert got his hands dirty on the print production side of the business, as a Special Projects Coordinator. In this role, Albert worked with all stages of the offset and digital production process, from design to mail, as a troubleshooter and process efficiency expert.

Before moving to Chicago, Albert began his career at a design start-up in Chesapeake, VA, designing and writing the first generation of Motorola cell phone user manuals to be printed, on demand, on digital equipment.