Sioux Falls State Theatre Fundraiser

Video : State Theatre Executive Director-Stephen Williamson with Patty Dee

A Three-day winter celebration based in art, music, and cinema to support the State and promote downtown Sioux Falls running March 1st-3rd

The Sioux Falls State Theatre Company is partnering with downtown and local businesses to create the 2nd Annual "Party for the State," a three day festival based in art, music and movies. Using "Kickstarter™", as its on-line giving platform, tickets for the weekend can be obtained by providing as little as a $25 donation through Kickstarter™. Persons can access the State Theatre Kickstarter™ page by going to the;

Kickstarter™ is a private for-profit company that specializes in "crowd-funding". Investors do not give money to a project seeking a financial return, but rather projects they feel passionate about. This is the State Theatre's second Kickstarter™ event. Last year's event exceeded its goal.

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