Pageflex 8.0 is now available!

We're excited about all that's included in this release, especially the new globalization features. These features give print and marketing service providers everything they need to successfully deploy an online store that's usable across languages, cultures, and currencies.
With Pageflex 8.0, the Pageflex Storefront, Server, Campaign Manager, and Studio products and documentation have been translated into 10 languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese. These applications have also been engineered to enable product owners to commission almost any other language upon request, and to easily undertake localization of user-facing web interfaces on their own.
This release comes at a time when print and marketing service providers find themselves working in an international marketplace.  For some, the opportunity comes from setting up marketing portals for companies with offices and employees based around the world.  For others, the opportunity for growth lies in expanding their web-to-print business to regions beyond their own boarders. Still other customers use the Pageflex product suite to service marketing needs of local non-English markets.
With its new globalized capabilities, Pageflex is now the leading technology for enabling all these service providers to succeed internationally and locally.   
Additional Features of Pageflex 8.0
In addition to the globalization features, Pageflex 8.0 also includes features that support better web-to-print site management and simplifies the process of promoting products through social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
To enable better site management, Pageflex 8.0 includes a new dashboard that provides customers with a graphical display of the information they need to manage their sites. The dashboard includes widgets that display information about current site activity, including the number of items in various queues such as orders that need attention, approval, or are ready for shipping.
Social media and SEO are clearly important to any business that offers web-to- print, and new features in this release enable you to better use these tools. First, new settings in the Storefront administrator give users the ability to let their site visitors "like" or recommend individual products through their favorite social media.
In addition, Pageflex customers can now link their branded Storefronts to the social media sites where those brands are promoted. In addition, Pageflex Storefront 8.0 provides built-in tools for making products more easily found by search engine robots to improve organic search rankings for those products.
Finally, Pageflex's robust APIs have been enhanced to take advantage of the new globalization features available in Pageflex 8.0.

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